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  • ADAPTERS & CONNECTORS : Hose, JIC, NPT, Metric, 0-ring Face Seal, Straight Thread
  • AIR LOGIC : Systems, Design, Sensors, Counters, Timers
  • AIR PREPERATION : Filters, Regulators, Lubricators, Flow Controls, Check Valves, Needle Valves
  • AUTOMATION : Aluminum profile extrusions
  • CYLINDERS : Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Clamping, Plastic, Shock Absorbers, rebuildable and non-repairable
  • FITTINGS : Compression, Flare 45°, Flare 37°, 0-ring Face Seal, NPT Steel, NPT Brass, 0-ring Straight, Metric, Push-To-Connect, Split Ring Flange, Miniature, Plastic, Hose Barb
  • HAND TOOLS : Screw Drivers, Wrenches, Sockets - other mechanic's tools
  • LINEAR SLIDES : Grippers, End Effectors
  • LUBRICATION AND MATERIAL DISPENSING : Manual, Centralized, Systems, Metering
  • HOSE : Steel Reinforced, Electrical Non-Conductive, Twin Line, Stainless Braided-Teflon Tube, Suction, Air, Hydraulic, Plastic, Media Dispensing
  • TUBING PLASTIC : Polyethylene, Nylon, Polypropylene, Urethane
  • TUBING METAL : Lubrication, Hydraulic, Copper, Jacketed, Stainless
  • PNEUMATIC COMPONENTS : Valves, Cylinders, Feed Drills, Nut Runners, Sanders
  • PNEUMATIC VALVES : Solenoid, Piloted, Mechanical, Manual, Sequencing, Air Logic, Transducers
  • VALVES : Ball, Plug, Nylon, Brass, Check, Solenoid Valves

Lincoln manufactures equipment for the dispensing of various kinds of fluids, preferably those that are not aggressive, i.e. corrosive.

Lincoln offers various series of equipment depending on the needs of the customer. These automated series are classified as "Centralized Systems" and distribute the material through pressure lines to the point(s) where needed. Some equipment is pneumatically operated while others are electronically operated. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

If the need is to move material across the production floor, pumps can be used to retrieve it from bulk containers and then push it through overhead piping to individual cells or work stations. At this point, "ejectors" can be used to "meter" (measure by volume) the quantity of material which is to be dispensed.

Barrera's Supply can assist with site surveys to determine the best Lincoln product system for your material dispensing need. If your necessity is to guarantee that bearing points are continually lubricated or if you need to place multiple droplets of material simultaneously, Lincoln has various products that can do the job.




Pneumatic valves (both miniature and full sized), air preparation units, cylinders, tubing, and fittings are used in many applications for production and control. Clippard specializes in manufacturing a full compliment of compressed air components for the miniature to mid-sized range of valves and cylinders. These are especially useful for creating control circuits using "air logic." To compliment this, Clippard also has available counters, sequencers, timers and logic components to control the power section of pneumatic systems.

  Miniature Valves and Actuators

Barrera's Supply can assist with schematics and concept drawings of components or complete systems.



Short stroke cylinders are used for applications where high force is needed in a smallest amount of space. Fabco was the inventor of the "pancake" style cylinder. They are now in third generation of design and have integrated the designs into presses, linear actuators, crimpers, intensifiers, rivet guns and air over hydraulic units to help control motion.

To assist in positioning of fixture components, Fabco can incorporate guides that attach to tool plates so that grippers or fingers can be used as manipulators.

Fabco has many accessories to complete pneumatic circuits: valves, flow and "one shot" controllers. To control a cylinder's extend and retract stroke, special orders can include stroke adjusters that are built internally or placed externally so that you can "dial-in" a precise stroke.





Compressed air components include a full range of pneumatics that allow you to make a complete system. Parker purchased Schrader Bellows about 20 years ago. Aluminum profiles are used to construct frames and tables on which to assemble fixtures controlled by pneumatic systems.

  • Valves (solenoid, pilot, direct, manual, mechanical actuated)
  • Cylinders (pneumatic & hydraulic)
  • filters-regulators-lubricators (miniature to 2")
  • Needle Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Transducers
  • Gauges
  • Shut-off Valves
  • Mufflers
  • Breather Vents
  • Slides
  • Fittings & Tubings.



Although most of our inventory comes from Parker Hannifin, we also stock commercial and industrial hose from Boston (now a division of Eaton). For plastic suction and discharge hose, our stock comes from Kuriyama.

The traditional Red Rubber hose is stocked in sizes from ¼” to 2” i.d. These are available with several reinforcing depending on the pressures needed. For these products, we stock a full compliment of cam and groove couplings in aluminum, brass and plastic as well as crows foot couplings in steel.


With our stock, BSCI is able to assemble hose up to 6,000 psi and up to 2” i.d. With Parflex hose, we can also assemble electrical non-conductive hose in OSHA-orange or twin-line for wrapping onto reels.

When space, angle or depth dictates adapters, BSCI stocks a full range in JIC and SAE flare, NPT, O-ring Face Seal, SAE ORB (o-ring boss), and many configurations of metric Japanese (JIS), English and German sealing styles. Most are in steel and some are also available in brass and stainless. Our hose end connectors match up to all of these adapter styles.

BSCI stocks seamless tubing in 304 / 316 Stainless and Carbon steel and the tube fittings to match.



As the Valley’s largest stocking distributor of Parker Hose & Fittings, BSCI’s stock is based on a history of working with local contractors, maquiladoras, and other end users. Our inventory includes many sizes, configurations, product materials and threads in both American NFPA and Metric.



Industrial hose and couplings are used for transferring liquids from one container to another. All these are stocked at our warehouse in Mission, TX, USA 78572.




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